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Ми дуже слід стежимо за якою нашою продукцією, але вам все одно щось не сподобалося, у вас є 14 днів, щоб перевірити це, якщо та ще 14 днів, щоб відправити назад з образом. Всього 28 днів з моменту замовлення.

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Packaging 1 g

Mushrooms (Agaricus) dried - 1 gram

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This product does not contain prohibited narcotic and psychotropic substances, and is legal on the territory of Ukraine.


The characteristic features of the champignon genus are the color of the plates: from pinkish in young fruit bodies to dark brown in mature mushrooms, which is due to the dark brown, brownish-black spore powder, as well as the ring attached to the stem.

The cap is spherical, cone-shaped or bell-shaped, fleshy, dense, the surface is smooth, scaly, whitish, rarely brownish. The plates are free, thin, narrow, blur when ripening. The leg is usually central, even, dense.

Mushrooms – this is one of the most popular types of mushrooms. And it is not surprising, because you can prepare many different dishes from them, they are tasty and affordable for most people.

This type of mushroom can be compared with some types of meat in terms of protein. Therefore, they are useful for those who follow a vegetarian diet and, of course, allow the use of mushrooms.
The main advantage of mushrooms is the presence in them of about 20 types of amino acids, including essential ones. These are methionine, cysteine, tryptophan, threonine, lysine and others. These substances play an important role in the human body, because they are the main building material for protein. And protein helps build muscle mass.

As a result, mushrooms can be called an irreplaceable source of nutrition for athletes. And in addition to this, they are low in calories.

As for vitamins, champignons contain vitamins of group B. They help keep the skin, nails and hair healthy, and also strengthen the nervous system, eliminate headaches and fatigue. Nature has thought out everything to the smallest detail, and therefore mushrooms also contain such a trace element as iron, which helps the absorption of vitamins of group B.
Mushrooms are free of fat and sugar. Therefore, they can be included in the diet of people suffering from diabetes, and in this way, the body will be saturated with the necessary vitamins and trace elements without harming health. Especially since mushrooms are rich in
zinc, which is useful for diabetics because it promotes wound healing.

Mushrooms also contain vitamins E and D. The first has a significant antioxidant effect, and the second – it is necessary for normal growth, because its deficiency can lead to the destruction of bones and teeth, rickets. Vitamin D also helps absorb phosphorus, which is also present in these mushrooms.

You can buy scales for accurate dosing in Miscellaneous section.