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Ми група ентузіастів, які виросли в польських лісах і з дитинства збирали дикі рослини для власних потреб. Враховуючи наш великий досвід і бажання продовжувати цю непросту справу, ми вирішили займатися нею професійно.

To collect plants, we involve people who live in the forest and know all its features and quirks.

Mushrooms – amazing organisms, we are grateful and happy that they live with us on the same planet or we with them. We are grateful to mushrooms for their benefits to people, for bread and wine, for antibiotics and food, for our earth, because 80% of our fertile soil is mushrooms, in one form or another. Mushrooms helped and together with us created our world. We are still waiting for a lot of discoveries related to this kingdom, which is large in terms of its scale and characteristics.

Discover mushrooms for yourself and be healthy!

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