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Reviews 72
Заказал 2сорт,посылку выслали сразу после подтверждения заказа на следующей день.Вес, качество на уровне.Благодарю.
Тема класно але це другий сорт і трошечки було сміття
Немножко песка-земли попадается, не без этого. А так все топ: вес, упаковка, доставка, качество.
Спасибо! Буду теперь у вас брать.
Доброго дня. Підкажіть як правильно зберігати сушені гриби?
Курилко Евгений Валерьевич , добрий день.
Зазвичай зберігають в темному сухому місці, у вакуумній упаковці,щоб не було доступу кисню.
Спешу оставить положительный отзыв. Отправили быстро, упаковка хорошая, приятный запах грибов, чистые, никакого песка не наблюдалось.
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Raw materials Amanita muscaria
2 сорт
Packaging 50 грам
Product form

Caps of red mushroom (Amanita muscaria) dried, 2 types, powder - 50 grams

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Mushrooms are dried. manufactured according to TU TU U 10.3-2961504555-001:2022 quality confirmed  certificates.

Information on varieties and forms is placed under the icon  "and" along with the characteristic.

You can find more information on how to bait and what for in the frequently asked questions section.

You can purchase scales for accurate dosing in the Miscellaneous section.

The range also includes a ready powder with a measuring spoon

There are many legends and stories about the poisonous properties of this mushroom, but many gourmets like amanita dishes, and this is no joke. If you know all the intricacies of cooking, you can prepare completely edible and absolutely safe dishes from amanita mushrooms. The whole secret is that muscarine – poisonous amanita alkaloid, contained only in the cap, or rather – in the integument. However, it is not worth experimenting with eating fly agaric, but it will be useful to get acquainted with its medicinal properties.

Medicinal use of amanita The use of the red amanita  in official medicine is quite limited, first of all, due to the difficulty of cleaning it from poisonous alkaloids. For example, a protein toxin that dissolves red blood cells has been isolated from amanita. Boiling for 40 minutes destroys the poison, but the activity of other alkaloids decreases. The greatest interest for experiments is a specific dye that has high antitumor activity. In contrast to scientific medicine, folk healers quite willingly use amanita in their practice, mostly as external remedies, and only a few dare to recommend preparations from the poisonous mushroom for internal use.

Externally, fly agaric preparations are prescribed for rubbing against joint and rheumatic pains, osteochondrosis, etc. Taking amanita tincture is practiced in the treatment of various tumors of internal organs, diseases of the nervous system and in a number of other cases. Homeopaths most willingly use the healing properties of amanita, preparing the drug "Agaricus muscarius". To make the tincture, the root and cap are used, previously cleaned of the poisonous skin. The homeopathic remedy is prescribed in case of psychosomatic disorders, neurological and mental diseases (epilepsy, muscle spasms, intestinal and bladder spasms, nervous overexcitation), as well as for the treatment of skin rashes associated with diseases of internal organs. From the arsenal of traditional medicine Folk healers have accumulated a wealth of experience in using the medicinal properties of amanita, but unfortunately, scientific medicine is in no hurry to adopt this valuable medicine. Frequent convulsions. Muscle spasms often occur due to disorders of the nervous system, and in this case, a short-term intake of fly agaric tincture often gives a quick therapeutic effect. It is recommended to take the tincture twice a day on an empty stomach (morning and evening), 5 drops of the drug in 100 ml of water. Painful menstruation. Tincture of amanita in the doses indicated above helps to solve the problem of painful menstruation. It is necessary to take the drug every morning until a positive result appears. In the future, the frequency of taking the drug is reduced to once a week. For the purpose of prevention, it is further recommended to take the drug once every month.

Mastopathy. A fly agaric tincture on cognac is popular for the treatment of mastopathy in Western Ukraine. The technology of preparation of this medical preparation is practically no different from the well-known method of obtaining tincture: amanita mushrooms are cut, put in a glass container and poured with cognac. Insist for 14 days, periodically shaking the contents. You need to take “cognac tincture” three times a day, one dessert spoon half an hour before meals. Rheumocardia and rheumatism. To implement this recipe, you need an oven (as a last resort, you can use an oven). Fresh amanita mushrooms are packed tightly in an earthenware dish, which is covered with a lid and smeared with dough. The vessel is placed in a heated furnace on a sheet of asbestos to prevent burning of the raw materials. After three hours, everything is taken out, opened and filtered through two layers of gauze, then diluted with alcohol in a ratio of 1:1. The mixture is poured into a dark glass bottle and infused for two weeks. The drug is used for rubbing. “ Molasses”. The method of preparing the product is similar to the previous recipe, with the only difference that the mushrooms are laid in layers and sprinkled with salt. Next, the vessel is placed in the oven (temperature between 100 – 180 °C) for four hours. The resulting mixture with alcohol is not mixed, but poured into a glass with dark glass and stored in the refrigerator. “Molace” does not lose its medicinal properties for a long time. According to folk healers, this liquid has an analgesic effect in the treatment of rheumatism, joint and muscle pains, breaks up "cold tumors".

Contraindications and safety measures The lethal dose is the amount of muscarine contained in 4-5 mushroom caps. Symptoms of poisoning differ depending on the degree of severity. In mild cases, there is nervous overexcitation, such as euphoria, visual and auditory hallucinations. Moderate poisoning manifests itself in the form of dizziness, confusion, disturbances of the visual, speech and hearing centers, acute stomach pains, nausea (often vomiting). In case of severe poisoning, loss of consciousness, muscle spasms, delirium, and suffocation are possible. Death occurs from paralysis of the respiratory center. Due to the high risk of severe poisoning, self-medication with fly agaric preparations for internal use is unacceptable!